Chisholm Trail Pet Clinic, Inc.




National Pet Dental Health Month

To help promote importance of pet dental health, we offer a 20% discount on all routine prophylatic dental cleaning and polishings scheduled during the month of February.

Prevent-A-Litter Month (Humane Society of the United States)

To help decrease the number of homeless pets, do your part and have your pet spayed or neutered.

Responsible Pet Owners Month

We are happy to say that our clients are responsible pet owners!

 Spay Day USA (Humane Society of the United States)

It is responsible pet ownership to have your pet spayed or neutered.



Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month (ASPCA)

For more information, visit the ASPCA's website: hhtp://

Prevent Lyme Disease in Dogs Month

National Pet First-Aid Awareness Month

World Veterinary Day - April 24th

National Cancer Control Month

National Pet ID Week - 3rd week

Tag Day (American Humane Association) - April 2nd

Is your pet wearing a collar with both an ID tag and City of Bowie License (if applicable)? It is a big deal! Tagging your pet with your contact information is the best way that you can assure that your pet is returned to the safety of your home in the situation that he is lost.

National Hairball Awareness Day

If your cat routinely vomits hairballs, give her some relief by routinely brushing with a deshedding brush such as the Furminator and administering to your pet a product such as Laxatone.

International Day of the Dog - last Sunday

Check out the International Day of the Dog website for more information.

Be Kind to Animal Month

 National Arthritis Month

National Pet Week - 1st week


Animal Disaster Preparedness Day - 2nd Saturday

Remember Hurricane Katrina?  Don't be caught in the situation of having to choose between your own, your family's, and your pet's safety.

Adopt-A-Cat Month


Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat Month

Senior Care Health Month

Responsible Dog Ownership Days

National Pet Microchipping Month

We offer Datamars microchipping.  Let us answer any questions you may have.

World Pet Memorial Day

Annual Kiddie Pet Parade, Jim Bowie Days

Held the last Friday in June, this annual event is great fun for all.  Dress your pet in costume and have your child show him off!  Entries are judged, and trophies are awarded in the following categories:  "Most Unusual", "Best Groomed", "Best Dressed", and "Most Lovable". All pet must be leashed, caged or held in-hand.  No pet over 36 inches tall.

Animal Rights Awareness Week

Take Your Pet to Work Week

Take Your Dog to Work Day(Pet Sitters International)

National Homeless Animal Day



Dog House Repair Month


National Dog Day (Coleen Paige of National Dog Day Foundation)

St. Francis of Assisi's Feast day / World Pets' Day / World Animal Day

National Feral Cat Day (Alley Cat Allies)

Did you know that if you are feeding a population of feral cats (for three or more days) that the local ordinance interprets those animals as your personal property and responsibility?  Consider responsible pet ownership and helping to control the feral cat population by having those cats you are feeding neutered, given their core vaccinations and dewormed.

National Dog Week

Every dog wants to have his day.  Why not a week?

National Pet Memorial Day (Int'l Assoc. of Pet Cemeteries)

Take a moment to remember that special pet in your past.  Also, consider visiting Pine Hill Pet & Horse Cemetery here in Bowie to have a reflective moment and pay tribute to all the families represented there.

Responsible Dog Ownership Day (AKC) 3rd Saturday

Puppy Mill Awareness Day

If you are not aware of the debate concerning Puppy Mills and their regulation, do a quick website to become more educated about possibly unethical dog breeders.

World Rabies Day

Is your dog and/or cat current on their Rabies vaccine?

National Pet Wellness Month

Adopt-A-Dog Month (AHA)

Consider adopting a dog or supporting the Bowie Animal Shelter in some way (Volunteering, monetary donation, a note of thanks to Shelter Hearts).

For more information, please visit their site at

National Animal Safety & Protection Month

(Emergency Animal Rescue Service-United Animal Nations) 

Animal Welfare Week (AVMA) - 1st week

 National Veterinary Technician Week

Take a moment to recognize our talented , caring veterinary assistants and technicians if you happen to be in the clinic this week. 


National Dog Bite Prevention Week (HSUS) - 3rd week


Adopt-A-Senior-Pet Month (

Senior dogs and cats make great pets.  Just think, someone else has already raised them!

National Pet Diabetes Month

Diabetes is a very serious, life threatening disease.  However, it is manageable.  If you are not aware of the clinical signs of diabetes or of the risk factors for diabetes, it is time to ask questions, seek answers, and be an active proponent for your pet(s)' health. 


National Pet Cancer Awareness Month

Cancer is as a real threat for our pets as it is for us.  If you have a pet seven years of age or older and he/she has not had a routine physical exam within the last 6-12 months, make an appointment for him/her today.

National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week (Animal Sheltering) - 1st week

If you have never said thank you to Animal Control Officer Willie Conway or to the voulunteers of Shelter Hearts, now is the time to do so!


Angel Tree for Shelter Hearts

Pick up an Animal Angel here at the clinic from off the Angel Tree - December 1st through December 25th.

Hug Your Cat Day

Ah!  No problem celebrating this particular day is there?

Christmas Day - December 25th

When adding your pet(s) to your Christmas list, consider your pet's health needs prior to spending your budget on non-essentials such as toys, treats, and clothing.