Chisholm Trail Pet Clinic, Inc.


Annual Banquet - Bowie Chamber of Commerce



At the Bowie Chamber of Commerce's Annual Banquet, local businesses are given the opportunity to host a table to decorate.  A certificate is awarded to the best decorated table. 

Annual Dinner Auction - Bowie Chamber of Commerce



The largest fund raiser for the Bowie Chamber of Commerce is it's annual Dinner Auction.  The Chisholm Trail Pet Clinic has participated as both an auction item donor and auction buyer since 2003.

Bowie Animal Shelter Adoption Program



The clinic happily offers to all adopted animal from the Bowie Animal Shelter a near complimentary physical exam and complimentary intestinal parasite screen.  Testing for Heartworms/Lyme/Ehrlichia/Anaplasmosis is offered at a decreased fee and all of these new pets are offered a 10% discount for their spay or neuter.

Director, Bowie Chamber of Commerce



Dr. Winingham served on the Bowie Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors from 2004 through 2008.  Since 2003, the clinic has been and continues to be a member of the Bowie Chamber of Commerce.

Jim Bowie Days Pet Parade



The Chisholm Trail Pet Clinic hosts the Pet Parade in conjunction with the Jim Bowie Days Association each last full weekend in June during the Jim Bowie Days celebrations.  Typically, the Pet Parade is scheduled on Friday around noon.

St. Jerome's Catholic Church



Dr. Winingham is an active member of her church, serving as eucharistic minister, minister of the cup, choir violinist and vocalist, lector and on the Parish Council.