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What makes Chisholm Trail Pet unique?  We believe it is our compassionate care and a few special things about us, and the quality of the services we provide.

At Chisholm Trail Pet Clinic, we

    boarding and medical patients that we grant tour requests. In fact, we often

    offer tour before anyone can actually request one.  We want you to experience 

    the professionalism and dedication of our staff and the best way is to allow

    you to view our work.

    practicing preventative medicine.


Annual examinations and routine lab tests are an essential aspect of quality

preventative health care.  This is especially true with doags and cats for pets age at

a much faster rate than humans.

It is estimated that the first year of a dog or cat's life is equivalent to fifteen years

in a person's life.  The second year is equal to nine human years.  Subsequent

year equivalency is dependent on the animal's breed and body size (ranging from

four to seven years).

Prevative Care


Understanding the dog and cat's aging pattern is important because it illustrates the need for bi-annual physical exams in our pets.  If an annual exam is missed, this is comparable to a person being examined by their physcian only every four to seven years.


Furthermore, the need for obtaining a baseline health profile (complete blood cell count, chemistries, urinalysis, and chest x-rays) becomes more apparent.

Baseline health profiles provide the "normals"of a patient for comparison against future laboratory data.  This trending or recognition of changes of lab values compared to baseline values is invaluable in diagnosing early, and managing

aggressively disease in our patients.










Our veterinarians are supported by an in-house

diagnostic laboratory capable of performing complete

blood cell counts (CBC's), serum chemistries, electrolytes,

and clotting function tests; urinalyses; fecals; Parvovirus testing; occult Heartworm, Lymes and

Ehrlichia screens; FeLV/FIV testing; cytologies; ocular

tonometry (glaucoma); early renal disease, Giardia,

pancreatitis, and blood pressure screens.  Patient samples

may also be submitted to a commercial reference laboratory

for a variety of reasons including test availablity, cost effectivness, or specialist consultation.


Diagnostic equipment to produce x-ray images of high

quality, in a safe and expedient manner is on-site.


All surgery is performed in the surgical suite. Minimal pre-

anesthetic lab work (Complete Blood Cell count) is required.

More complete lab work is recommended. Anesthesia is performed with industry standard drugs and equipment.  Your pet's blood pressure, temperature, heart rate and rhythm, respiratory rate, and oxygenation level are closely monitored using state-of-the-art equipment.  Support of patients includes a water circulating heating pad and warmed IV fluid therapy, if needed.


Healthy mouths are critical for overall health in dogs and cats.

Bacterial infections of the mouth enter the blood stream and may result in vital organs (especially kidneys and heart) disease or failure.


Our routine dental prophylaxis includes a complete dental exam, ultrasonic scaling, polishing, chlorhexidine flushing, fluoride treatment and preventative care education.  OraVet, Royal Canine Dental Food and other preventative oral health care products are available and recommended.



The boarding department offers various sized kennels and six runs, all indoors and climate controlled. Psycoacoustically classical music is played to aid in decreasing stress and creating a pleasurable boarding experience.  Dogs are hand walked in a large, secluded,wooded area.  Playtime is available within a spacious six ft. fenced play area.  Cats are lodged seperately in condos with a view of birds visiting our feeders.  All boarding patients are fed Royal Canine Veterinary Diets Food unless other dietary needs are required.

Grooming services are limited.  However, we do offer bathing, nailtrims, ear cleanings, anal gland expressions, brush-outs and full body clips (no pattern clippings) for your convienence.

Due to the limited size of our boarding department, early reservations are strongly recommended.  For holidays. school vacations, and throughout the summer months, please make your reservation four to six weeks in advance.  If you have already contacted our facility for reservations, click on "Client Forms" to print out the Boarding Policies and Admit Form.  Having this form completed prior to your pet's visit will expediate the check in procedure.


Pets are checked out during normal business hours only.  We greatly appreciate your pets being checked our prior to 5:00 p.m.

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Cat Condo

Our facility is always open for tours by individuals, and groups such as Boy Scouts, Girs Scouts, and home schooling organizations.  we are also happy to visit classrooms and attend organization/club meetings to discuss pet health care.

Please contact usif you would like to schedule a program.









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Emergency Care

If you have a veterinary emergency, please contact another area veterinarian of your choice (note: locally, Cross Timbers Veterinary Clinic, Inc. has agreed to accept our patients on emergency - call 940*872*2161), or you may contact the Colonial Park Animal Hospital Hospital in Wichital Falls at 94*720*2727 or the Denton County Animal Emergency Room in Denton at 940*271*1200.


The reception area features a large retail area with a selection of over-the-counter veterinary products, grooming aids, pet toys, leashes and collars, Greenies and other boutique items including Pet Odor Neutralizer candles, and pet themed key chains.

An authorized distributor of Royal Canine Veterinary Diets, we have many types, quanities and sizes of this premium dog and cat food in stock.  If we do not carry what you need, we will gladly order it for you.


In effort to support Shelter Hearts and encourage the placement of abandoned/homeless animals into loving families, the staff at Chisholm Trail Pet Clinic, Inc. offers an adoption program.  With adoption of a pet from Shelter Hearts, new pet owners receive complimentary examination and preventative health care at a reduced fee.  Visit or at







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