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Dental Extraction Form

Thank you for choosing our clinic to provide the dental care which is so important in maintaining the health of your pet. The degree of care that each pet requires can range from a routine cleaning to multiple extractions. To provide the best care to each patient, a thorough oral exam is
needed to assess each tooth’s health. Since this is very difficult to do while your pet is awake, most of the oral exam NVill be completed once he/she is under anesthesia. Because of this, it is not possible to give you an exact price for a dental procedure before general anesthesia is administered. You will
receive a minimum estimate which covers the anesthesia and cleaning procedure. Once the oral exam is complete, we can do either of the following depending on your wishes.

  1. We can contact you by phone to discuss any additional procedures (x-rays, extractions, etc.) that are needed and the cost associated with these services. If you would like to be contacted, please be sure we have an accurate phone number so that we can reach you during the day. If we are unable to contact you, we will have to take your pet off anesthesia and perform the procedures another day.
  2. You may authorize us at this time to perform the necessary diagnostics and extractions. Extractions of many teeth require a form of oral surgery to access the complex, deep roots embedded in bone. In addition, pain medication will be provided to all patients having extractions and in some, IV fluids during surgery may be indicated.

All patients have a physical exam done prior to being anesthetized and will be placed on a cardiovascular monitor during anesthesia.